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Spellvetica ($0.99) by CHUDCHUD INDUSTRIES is a game that combines block drop action with word game intelligence. See how many words you can spell before your run out of space. It seems like everyone is mashing games together these days. What will they think of next?

Spellvetica by CHUDCHUD INDUSTRIES screenshot

Players start with a blank grid. Clusters of letters drop from above that are shaped like various Tetris blocks. You can tap the block to change the direction, which will also change what order the letters are in.

When they land at the bottom, the letters will fall to the lowest possible spot. Once they are settled, players can tap the letters to make words. You can also drag your finger across the letters to connect them. Once you create a word, the letters will disappear.

If you connect letters to make a word, but there are additional letters inside the connection that weren’t used, you’ll score big points and remove all of the letters within the highlighted area.

This game is very much a clone of SpellTower. Not only does it play the same and score the same, it also looks very similar with a matching minimalist design. There is only one mode of game play and there are no alternate color schemes. However, the app is half the price of SpellTower. If you are against game clones, this game is not for you. It will just make you angry. If you’ve never heard of SpellTower, you won’t have anything to compare it to, and you’ll probably like it.

Even though this is a clone of an already popular game, it is still fun. No, you don’t want to buy it if you already own SpellTower. It isn’t as good. However, if you have not yet experienced the game this is modeled after, it is a fun word game that combines arcade action with spelling.