We tend to depend a lot on being able to read other people’s faces. We want to talk face-to-face when something is important. We believe that we can tell when people are lying by their facial expressions. Whether or not we believe that personalities are etched into our faces, we do tend to believe that the face gives parts of us away.
Face Reading Booth claims to be able to read the subtler parts of our personalities based on the features of our faces.

Analyzing the picture.

Face Reading Booth uses your camera to take a photo, and then analyzes it for different personality features. How accurate is the app? Well, it told me that my son who regularly thumbs his nose at authority is a stickler for rules. However, it also said that my tough nut daughter likes to learn the hard way from her mistakes. I suppose it’s a matter of winning some and losing some.

Although I was able to use my iPhone 3GS to take the pictures, I would need a front facing camera to analyze my own photo. The app is universal, so downloading it to any device is easy. Why not use a photo that I’ve already taken? The app doesn’t give that option. You have to take a fresh picture with the free version.

The app description says that I can share the readings through email. Instead of a share button, there’s an option to do so that pops up when you’re all done with the reading. If you choose not to share, the picture closes. It wouldn’t save the picture.

Face Reading Booth was a fun photography app to play with. It’s different from apps like MixBooth and Lincolnize Me that change the face for fun. Instead, it uses only what the face has already provided. For a more in depth reading, there’s a paid version. However, the three point free reading was enough to satisfy me.

Face Reading Booth as available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!