With the release of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone around the corner, I’ve decided to sell my iPhone 4S to Amazon. While performing a search on Amazon’s Electronics Trade-In site, I ran into a funny situation.

When searching the term “iPhone 4S,” I found it a bit strange that the Samsung Galaxy S II appeared in the results.

What’s that Galaxy S II doing there?

Next, I searched the site for “Galaxy S II,” and guess what? I’m not sure if there’s a reason behind this, but there wasn’t an iPhone in sight. Does Amazon really get the two smartphones confused?

There’s no iPhone in these results.

The good news is, an iPhone 4S in good condition will yield a $357 Amazon gift card. Since I’m already an Amazon junkie, and I only paid $199 for the iPhone 4S when I upgraded, I decided this offer was more than acceptable.

It’s also important to note that Amazon has certain expectations for a device in good condition:

  • Item shows wear from normal use
  • Item remains in good condition with working buttons, scroll wheel, and audio
  • Item has a flawless display (i.e. no dead spots or scratches)
  • Item may have light scratches on the body
  • Item includes battery, charging adapter, and USB cable

In my opinion, those expectations aren’t too strict for a $357 gift card. If you’re looking for other trade-in options, I suggest looking at our iPhone trade-in guide. Older devices may decrease in value once the new iPhone is released, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about selling an iPhone soon.