The iExpander Kickstarter project aims to improve upon the design of the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, adding important features that founder Charlie Corry thought the phone was lacking, including better low light images, expandable memory, and more battery power.

To improve the phone, Corry and his team created a multi-function iPhone expansion device that was incorporated into a compact case, which has been updated for the new iPhone 5.

The case has a wide range of features. To enhance Apple’s camera, Corry added several LEDs to the case, which brightened the flash, improving the quality of low light pictures.

iPhone Photo with Regular Flash

iPhone Photo with iExpander

To improve the memory of the iPhone, the iExpander comes with a Micro SD slot. You can use any Micro SD card up to 64GB, and transfer photos, videos, and documents between the iPhone and the iExpander, freeing up precious space.

Though the iPhone has always had an excellent battery life, extra battery power never hurts. The iExpander has a lithium polymer battery, giving you double the battery life on your iPhone.

iExpander Battery

The iExpander is not an ultra thin case, but it is thinner than other, similar battery expansion cases like the Mophie Juice Pack. It clocks in at 6.3mm, but that’s impressive for all of the features that it adds. Made of a graphite reinforced nylon, the case is guaranteed to be strong and flexible.

Size Compared to Naked iPhone 4

For iPhone 5 users, the iExpander has been designed with a built in Lightning to 30-pin adapter, meaning that while in the case, your phone will work with all of your old accessories, plugs, cords, and chargers, which is a nice edition.

The iExpander is an external hard drive and additional battery pack for the iPhone, which makes it extremely useful if you like to have access to plenty of music and videos on your phone. Not only will you have the additional storage space, you’ll also have the extended battery life to enjoy all of your extra content.

This is a solid idea, in my opinion, and if you agree, you can back the Kickstarter project and sign up to get your very own iExpander, in black or white, for just $70. Check out the video below for more information.

Thanks to AppAdvice reader Chris for the tip on this great product!