Lats face it, many people would rather be out doing something important than be stuck in a cubicle all day. So, why not go out and kill massive bugs for a living? It’s true that your clothing and armor would be thrashed at the end of each day. It’s also true that you might not even come home that evening. Yet, the satisfaction of dead bugs lying in your wake must be worth something. Head Hunters makes it well worth your while.

The stage begins.

I go around my house killing spiders and bees to keep my kids safe. Do I get paid for it? No. No, I do not. Would I like to get paid for it? Well, not particularly. I hate bugs with a passion, and I wouldn’t want to be around them every day regardless of whether I leave them living or not. There are some people who would love to get paid to kill bugs.

Head Hunters pays you for every evil creature from Hades that you send back to its unholy maker. You can use that money to buy weapons, upgrades, and health. Here’s the kicker: you have to survive a set amount of time in each level before you have access to the supply. You can still access the supplies after each level, but if you need a health boost in the middle of gameplay, you have to wait.

Gameplay is a little different from other shooter games. You don’t orient yourself to shoot your opponents. The trigger button on the right is also on a wheel that you use to aim. You tap the direction on the wheel that you want to shoot. This allows you to move away from the monsters as quickly as possibly without having to turn to shoot.

The level is finished when a predetermined amount of monster bug things have been killed. Haven’t been keeping track of how many bad guys you bumped off? Not to worry. The left corner display keeps track of how far along you are in the level. Once you hit 100 percent completion, you earn a credit amount and can stock up on supplies before heading off to the next massacre.

Head Hunter is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!