The first benchmark test on the iPhone 5 has been released. Not surprisingly, the sixth generation handset did quite well when compared to the iPhone 4S, according to PrimateLabs.

The new iPhone, which launches this Friday, Sept. 21, includes a dual-core 1.02GHz ARMv7 processor, and 1GB of RAM. Better still: The iPhone 5’s Geekbench 2 score is 1601. This compares to the average score for the 4S of 629, and that for the new iPad of 766.

The iPhone 5: GeekBench Test

The iPhone 5: GeekBench Test

This report confirms Apple’s previous assertion that the iPhone 5’s A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5, and any previous iOS device. The new iPhone also scored better on average than all Android phones on Geekbench.

Can you say super fast?

Source: PrimateLabs
Via: MacRumors