The official YouTube app by Google is available in the App Store as of today. That’s right, most of us have been waiting for this, however some of you may be like, “What the heck is this crazy girl talking about?!” Well, the YouTube app used to come preinstalled on every iOS device. However, that was prior to iOS 6. Once iOS 6 is released, the native YouTube app will no longer come preinstalled. Why? Google’s licensing agreement has expired with Apple. Why wasn’t it renewed? We can try and guess all day long, but no one really knows. What we do know, is that YouTube will no longer be a native app, which is why it’s now available in the App Store.

Currently it’s not a universal app, and is only available on the iPhone, however, it’s very likely that we will be seeing it on the iPad soon, possibly before the release of iOS 6.

On today’s show we compare the old, native YouTube app to the new YouTube app. How do they match up? Watch the show to find out!