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Bug In iOS 6: No Default Signature, No Signature Switching

The Mail app in iOS 6 gives us the ability to have “per account” signatures. It’s a very useful feature for those with more than one email account attached to an iOS device. If you create a new email and switch the account you’re sending it from, the signature also changes. It’s pretty nifty, but apparently this new feature is a little buggy. Recently, our esteemed editor Jay discovered a problem with “per account” signatures. If you have this feature enabled and don’t have a signature set up for each account, switching to accounts with signatures can be problematic. When you create a new email, your default account’s signature will be present. If your default email account lacks a signature in the “per account” settings, when you switch addresses to an account with a signature, it will not be displayed. Furthermore, if your default account has a signature set up and you switch to an address without one, switching back to an account with a signature will yield the same results. This may not be an issue for everyone, but it’s certainly a notable bug. If you have multiple email accounts on your iOS device and wish to use the “per account” signature setting, you can avoid this bug by creating a signature for each email address. Have you noticed any other bugs in iOS 6?