Snapseed, which recently became part of Google is suffering from an iOS 6 flu. Customers are reporting a strange issue that is occurring when attempting to edit a photo using the universal app.

The issue, which appears to be happening on any iOS device with iOS 6 installed has to do with the Vintage filter. When using this filter, photos look like this:

What's on his clothes?

What’s on his clothes?

When AppAdvice reader Tyler reached out to Nik Software about this issue, he promptly received an email, which included the following text:

Thank you for contacting Nik Software and we are sorry for this issue with Snapseed. We have determined there is a problem since the update to iOS6, and are working diligently to resolve it. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution right now nor the exact date of any update that would resolve this issue.

Hopefully, Nik will resolve this issue sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we suggest not using the Vintage filter in Snapseed.

A long-time fan favorite in the App Store, Snapseed was purchased by Google just weeks ago. In 2011, Snapseed won Appleā€™s iPad App of the Year Award. Soon after, Nik Software launched Snapseed for Mac OS X and Windows. Snapseed was the second “Free App Of The Week” when Apple began this promotion in the App Store in June.

We thank reader Tyler for this tip and for the main photo.