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Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years ($2.99) by Three Phase Interactive Pty Ltd is a universal physics-based action game that will make you feel like Evel Knievel as you jump over buses, helicopters, and highways. Unlike the famous daredevil, you can easily try again if you fail your jump and the worst injury you’ll suffer is a bruised ego.

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Players control a pudgy stuntman who is decked out in red, white, and blue and driving a rusty old fruit truck. Hit the gas and make the jump. Stick the landing just right to get paid. Use your earnings to get a better vehicle.

At the beginning of each stunt, players must draw the ramp that will be used during the stunt. If you make the incline of the ramp too high, you may not make it to the top. If the ramp is too low, your stuntman may crash into a helicopter.

Each stunt is being filmed by a witty director who makes funny comments like, “Good thing you hit your head and not something valuable.” Every time you fail the stunt, the cameras set up for the next take. You don’t get penalized for retaking the shot.

Players earn extra money for special feats like front and back flips, multiple flips and extended airtime. Each jump is timed and players earn extra for speed, too.

In addition to having to make the jump, players must stick the landing by stopping the vehicle between the finishing flags. If you stop short, or go past the final flag, the stunt doesn’t count and you have to retake the shoot.

Players can upgrade their stunt car with their earnings. Sometimes, a rusty old fruit truck doesn’t offer enough power to make a jump. You can also buy add-ons that help with flips and stops. For example, you can buy a parachute that will help you stop fast at the end of a particularly steep ramp.

There are 70 stunts across three worlds. The worlds are represented as different movies. The first movie, “Cornballs 2,” is located in farm country, while “Tombstone 2000” takes you to the desert and “World Tour 88” is on the busy streets of a downtown city.

Players can buy additional coins through in-app purchases, but earnings are big enough to make it very easy to buy new stunt cars and add-ons without needing to spend real cash.

This game is loads of fun and offers plenty of stunts to try out over and over again. You can unlock 16 new cars and go back to old stunts to try to earn a better score. The replay value is very high. The price may seem high, but it is reasonable for the amount of gameplay you’ll get out of it. Fans of physics-based games will enjoy how action-packed it is. Snarky people will appreciate the humor.