I read Rage Comics and follow Memebase pretty regularly. One thing that keeps popping up is Slender Man. What is Slender Man? It’s a game that you play online. Slender Man & Me is a universal app that lets you insert Slender Man into your photos, and it’s just in time for Halloween.

Photo created before I played the game.

Now, what sort of a writer would I be if I didn’t play the online game to see what all the hype was about? I’d only heard about it from memes, so I wasn’t quite sure how the game goes. All I know is that it’s suppose to be creepy and scary.

You begin the game in the woods. Your mission is to find pages. At first, all you hear is the rustling of the leaves and grass as you walk along. Then, you begin to hear a rhythmic beating like a heartbeat. That would be your cue that the Slender Man is after you.

I ran right into him. I rounded a corner by a building, and there he was. So, what did I do? I screamed and slammed my laptop shut. I could try to justify that the crummy weather outside with the gloomy rain and muted colors played a role in my fright. It didn’t. I’m just a wuss.

Slender Man & Me allows you to insert this monster into your photos. At first, I rolled my eyes over the idea of something like Slender Man being so scary. I mean, it’s not like there are hordes of zombies after you. Once you play the game with the heartbeat music, the rustling, the ridiculous dark, and Slender Man creeping up behind you, you sing a different tune. My tune happened to be a high pitched scream.

You can share your Slender Man augmented pictures with your friends or save them on your iDevice for a good laugh while you pretend that you don’t fear him. It’s what I’ll be doing all night tonight.

Slender Man & Me is available in the App Store for FREE, but only for a limited time.