Apple’s Passbook app in iOS 6 is advertised primarily as a new way to store passes, tickets, and loyalty cards on the iPhone. However, it could also prove popular for game developers too. First introduced by Ben Dodson Apps in February, WallaBee is the first iOS game to support Passbook.

Called “a digital item collecting game with a geo location twist,” WallaBee involves the user checking into one of over 2 million locations. After checking in, the user is rewarded with either honeycombs or an item.

WallaBee coupon

WallaBee coupon

With WallaBee 1.1.3, Passbook has been integrated into the collecting experience. When a player finds a Branded Item with a prize attached, a simple tap of the “View Coupon” button will securely download the pass and display it where it can then be saved to Passbook. These passes can then be remotely updated.

WallaBee Passbook

WallaBee pass

According to Simon Wicks, WallaBee’s business development manager:

For our players, Passbook is a great way of issuing vouchers or discount cards that are attached to some of our Branded Items. For businesses, this opens up a whole new way to engage with our audience, particularly as there are so few Passbook-ready apps. We think people are really going to love this integration.

Users can also create a WallBee Acount Pass. To do so, however, requires going outside of the app. Players can download their pass by logging in at on an iPhone running iOS 6 or on a Mac running OS X 10.8.2 or later. Your pass will be synced automatically to your iPhone via iCloud.

For more information on WallaBee, see our previous report.

Called the “Best European Gaming Startup of 2012” at the Nonick 012 Conference, WallaBee is available for download in the App Store.