Before heading to a meeting or entering a movie theater, we set our iPhones to silent mode. Unfortunately, this mode isn’t always silent, especially when the phone is sitting on a hard surface. Apple, however, is looking to correct this through a new invention, according to a recent patent application first uncovered by AppleInsider.

Apple’s solution to eliminating the phone “rattling” is to implement “movement sound and visual sensors.” These sensors, “can determine if the vibration is causing the phone to move or generate a noise louder than ambient noises in the surrounding environment.”

In these situations, alternative alert methods would kick-in, thereby eliminating the noise.

They state:

The patent application goes on to offer alternative alert methods that can be used when a vibrator is found to be disturbing, such as visual alerts or soft audio tones which are output at level deemed to be more quiet than the sound created by the phone’s vibrations.

Hopefully, this type of system will arrive in future versions of the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: AppleInsider