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Combine Facebook And Google+ Into One App With Jift

If you’re one of the 10 people out there still using Google+, there’s good news in the app world tonight! Digital Chef has designed an app just for you, called Jift. With Jift you can access both your Google+ account and your Facebook account in one convenient spot. The app combines both feeds from your social networks into a single feed, making it easy to read comments and view photos from both Google+ and Facebook. While the app allows users to merge everything into a single feed, you can also shift left and right to view your streams (both general and photo) separately. Jift is fully integrated with both social networks, so you can comment, share, like, +1, check-in, and add photos with ease. There’s a free version of the app that you can download, and a paid version, Jift Pro. The paid version, which costs $1.99, removes the ad banner. To add content on both Facebook and Google+ at the same time, you will need to purchase the cross posting feature, which is an additional $0.99 in the app. That’s $3.99 for the fully unlocked version of Jift. Pricey. Jift, though functional, does not have the greatest interface. It is cluttered and hard to read, so if you’re thinking of purchasing, make sure to take a look at the free version first. Both versions, paid and free, can currently be downloaded from the App Store.
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