For those folks that first ordered a Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini, we’ve got some great news for you. Apple’s website is now showing delivery dates of Nov. 21 for many buyers. Previously, the site was showing delivery dates of “mid-November,” according to 9to5Mac.

When the iPad mini first went on sale, customers were being told to expect their order on Nov. 21 or Nov. 23. Soon after, however, the “mid-November” timeframe appeared. Now many of those buyers, even those that originally were told to expect their shipment on Nov. 23 are seeing a Nov. 21 delivery date. Meanwhile, new iPad mini orders are listing ship dates of “mid-November.”

The iPad mini first arrived in stores on Nov. 2, along with the iPad with Retina display. Earlier this week, Apple reported iPad sales of 3 million units in the first three days of release. These, however, were Wi-Fi only models.

Rumors suggest a Retina display iPad mini will ship during the last half of 2013.

Source: 9to5Mac