GetGlue is now part of Viggle. The deal between the one-time competitors includes $25 million in cash and a stock offering, according to Gigaom.

Launched five years ago, GetGlue offers check-ins for all types of media including TV shows and movies. In recent months, the free service moved to a more TV Guide-like approach.

Viggle, meanwhile, launched earlier this year with a focus on loyalty engagement. As such, users get points for checking into TV shows. These points are then redeemable through sites such as iTunes and Amazon.

GetGlue for iPhone

GetGlue for iPhone

To date, GetGlue has 3.2 million registered users, while Viggle has 1.2 million users. As of now, both sites will remain separate, according to a press release.

Viggle and GetGlue apps are available in the App Store.

Source: Gigaom