The tools available for those of us that need to take app screenshots has grown by one. In the case of iPreview, you don’t even need a Mac or PC to get the job done.

Created by Laika Studio, the $0.99 app puts screenshots and photos into detailed iOS device frames. Once created, the photo can be sent to the iPhone’s camera roll, copied to the clipboard, shared via Twitter, or email. It is perfect for bloggers, editors, and developers.

iPreview - Finished product

iPreview – Finished product

Other features include:

  • Pixel perfect, high detailed iOS device models.
  • Realistic glares, reflections and shadows.
  • Portrait and landscape orientation modes for saved previews.

All iPreview has to do now is write the article that the photo is to go with, and my job here is done. Hopefully, an iPad version will arrive soon.

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The iPreview app is available now in the App Store.