I’ve played a few castle defense games, and I like them. They’re simple, and I can’t stress enough how much it means to me to be able to put a game down quickly. I love the multiple upgrades that you can work towards and the additions to the castle defenses like soldiers or weapons. Time Defenders-Epic Portal is a basic castle defense game with some power behind it.


The introduction to the game.

First of all, I have to address your two main characters in the game. You’ve got a veteran Ghost Buster and Gandalf The Gray. Those are two characters that I can stand behind in a fight. When you tap on a bad guy to kill it, it gets blasted by the Ghost Buster. When you swipe to kill a bad guy, it gets zapped by Gandalf The Gray.

There are some bad guys that take more damage from one type of attack than by another. For example, the aliens that you meet in the first level are more prone to bruising by swiping than by tapping. The pig army guys are more susceptible to tapping than from swiping. It’s how the universe works.

The final wave to one of the levels.

You can upgrade your wall with a variety of goodies to keep yourself safe from the bad guys that go bump in the night. You can increase the health of the wall or strengthen its hit points. You can also purchase some extras like drones to take out a lane of bad guys.

There are two different types of currencies in the game. There are tech points and coins. The tech points are for upgrades like health and hit points. The coins are for upgrades that add to your walls like drones and minions. Neither of these currencies require an in app purchase.

A word of explanation about the premium pack: it isn’t what it seems at first. Don’t panic. I tapped on it because I thought I might like to purchase an expansion pack. I really liked the game. When I tapped on the premium pack, it showed up as a $19.99 bill. No, it’s not a mistake, but it’s also not to purchase the full game.

The story line aspect of the game is complete and free of charge. Endless mode will cost you $1.99. To have everything upgraded and unlocked to the max without having to play through to earn the currency will cost you $19.99. It’s not required to enjoy the game. It’s just in case people want to skip to the end and have all the fun toys upfront. Time Defenders is also a universal app, and the purchases would transfer across devices, should you choose to even make a purchase. So, before you flip a table at the sight of a $19.99 price tag, simmer down and breathe. It’s the cost of cheating. Otherwise, the game is still as free as it was when you downloaded it.

Time Defenders-Epic Portal is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!