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Microsoft Surface Customers Are In Short Supply Or They Hate Surfing The Web

One of two conclusions can be made based on a new survey from Chitika, the online ad network and data analytics firm. Either Microsoft has been doing an abysmal job of selling the company’s new Surface tablet, or their customers don’t surf the Internet. According to a new survey, just 0.13 percent of all tablet Web impressions were done on a Surface from November 12-18. This compared to 0.91 percent for Google tablets, which included the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Earlier this month, the same firm said that Apple’s iPad generated 88 percent of all Web impressions during the month of November. The nearest competitor, the Amazon Kindle Fire, generated just four Web impressions for each 100 on an iPad. Chitika suggests that the most important numbers will come after Dec. 25. They state that the Surface’s “longer-term prospects will emerge following Christmas day, as tablets purchased for the holiday, including the Surface Pro, are put into use.” See also: On The Surface, Microsoft's Tablets Look Pretty Compelling. Source: Chitika
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