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Redbox And Verizon Hope To Dent Netflix By Offering Their Own Streaming Video Service

Do you love streaming movies, but have been turned off by the content Netflix currently provides? A new service from the folks at Redbox and Verizon is set to arrive, according to AllThingsD. Now available through a closed beta, the Redbox Verizon Movie Service offers unlimited video streaming for $6 per month, plus Blu-ray rentals for $9. At the start, Redbox is said to be concentrating on recently released films, plus some older content not available anywhere else. Additionally, the service is steering clear of what has become Netflix's bread-and-butter: television shows. What you will find are movies from Warner Bros., which doesn’t have a deal with Netflix or Amazon. Plus, unlike Netflix, you’ll be able to rent or buy individual movies online. On the surface, the Redbox Verizon Movie Service looks promising. However, there are still many questions left unresolved. For one, we have yet to receive confirmation that the service includes a Redbox Verizon Movie Service app for iOS devices. Redbox's current app only allows users to reserve movies through the company's popular kiosks. For another, we want to know what specific titles are actually being offered. We’re still waiting for our invitation to join the beta. Once we receive this, we’ll let you know our initial thoughts. Source: AllThingsD
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