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There’s A New Cydia Repository In Town And It’s Ready For Action

CySource is a brand new Cydia repository that you may want to check out. What’s so special about this repository? There are tons of Cydia repositories available to choose from, but CySource is taking a different approach to attract users and developers. According to the folks behind CySource, the repository will be ad-free. This will definitely provide a better user experience and prevent slow loading pages within Cydia. Advertisements are a necessary evil, but if CySource remains ad-free, it will definitely be an attractive alternative for users. There's also a comments section for each package. This will allow users to provide feedback and reviews of any tweak right within Cydia. CySource is accepting packages from developers and they claim to have a 24 hour approval turnaround. That’s a big improvement over some repositories which can take up to a week until the tweak is approved and made available to the public. While I can’t be certain of what the future holds for this new repository, if it has a good selection of tweaks, CySource definitely has the potential to become a favorite within the jailbreak community. If you're a developer and would like to submit packages to CySource, you can do so by clicking this link. If you'd like to check out CySource for yourself, add to your "Sources" within Cydia. Source: CySource
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