Muse is a brainwave-sensing headband that has the ability to read, record, and analyze the full spectrum of human brainwaves.

It translates brainwaves so they can interact with tablets and smartphones, wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The initial applications that work with the Muse Headband are all about helping you train your mind. They can help you improve your memory, concentration, and even emotional skills.

The training exercises are designed to improve healthy brain habits over time. You can also visualize and analyze your neural activity to see how your mind improves as you progress through the training exercises.

It fits perfectly into the Quantified Self movement and could become a popular way to measure how our minds continue to improve.

The Muse Headband isn’t only for brain training. InteraXon, the company behind it, plans to continue to create applications that let you play games with your mind and eventually control devices.

I’m guessing that the people who’ve had the chance to practice with the training apps will end up at the top of leader boards as soon as compatible games do come out.

Do you like the idea of being able to control your devices with nothing but the power of your thoughts and a fairly compact headband?

The devices are currently set to be available in June 2013. You can learn more about them on the InteraXon website.