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CES 2013: Trident Shows Off Rugged Aegis Cases For Apple Devices

There are several companies that make ultra protective cases for your iDevices, including Otterbox and Griffin. Trident, a company that also makes heavy duty cases, aims to set itself apart from the crowd with color. All of the company’s cases are designed with bright splashes of color. In fact, the company’s signature color is a lime shade that it calls “Trident Green,” a detail shared with AppAdvice’s Dom Esposito when he visited the Trident booth at CES 2013. Check out his video below to see some of what Trident has to offer, and click here to go directly to YouTube if the video isn’t showing up. The iPad mini case in the video is part of Trident’s Aegis lineup ($35-$50), which is available in a wide array of colors for all of Apple’s devices. The Aegis features mid level protection, offering a shock-absorbing Thermo Plastic Elastomer lining with a polycarbonate shell to keep your iDevices safe from scratches, bumps, and drops. There’s also a scuff and scratch resistant screen protector, and plugs over all of the port openings. The case is water resistant, making it perfect for families with children. Though it isn’t submersible, Trident is working on a waterproof variant for Apple’s devices. In the video below, you’ll see a glimpse of Trident’s Poseidon lineup, a set of waterproof cases that are set to debut in February. For more information on Trident’s cases or to purchase, visit the Trident website.