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Macworld/iWorld 2013: NexGen Shows Off 3-D Skins For Apple Products

There are quite a few companies that sell skins for your Apple products, but NexGen was demonstrating some unique 3-D skins at Macworld/iWorld this year. NexGen skins use the latest print technology to create a signature 3-D effect, and they’re also constructed from a material that is four times thicker than any other skin on the market, adding durability and protection without a lot of extra bulk. AppAdvice’s Dominic Esposito was on hand at Macworld/iWorld to give you guys a close up look at NexGen’s products. Click here if you can’t see the video. While NexGen offers several of its own designs, you can also submit an image to the site in order to get a custom crafted skin. With its textured skins, NexGen is aiming to bridge the gap between a case and a simple skin. NexGen makes skins for almost all Apple devices, including the iPad and the iPhone. The skins cost $25 for the iPhone, $35 for the iPad mini, and $40 for the full sized iPad. You can order your own from the NexGen website.
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