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Mark Cuban Launches Switchcam For Event Organizers And Attendees To Snap Videos

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban is just one of the backers of Switchcam, a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch. The free app connects cultural event organizers with attendees to record video content. To get started, the organizer, who serves as the “director,” signs up at the Switchcam website and schedules a shoot. From there, they invite friends, fans, or followers to “Join the Camera Crew.” Working together, “users can upload videos from multiple camera angles, and Switchcam’s technology works to sync all of those videos at the appropriate places, providing seamless transitions between them,” according to TechCrunch. Switchcam isn’t new. However, this is the first time that the company’s technology is being made available via the App Store. Besides Cuban, company backers include 500 Startups, and Turner Media Camp. To date, Switchcam has raised $1.2 million in capital. This process looks quite promising. In particular, for small event organizers, Switchcam could prove popular. It is available for download here.
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