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Snap Spot: Get Your iPhoneography Degree from Photojojo University

On Snap Spot I often show you guys great apps and accessories that you can use with your iPhone, but today I have a fun new program to share that is guaranteed to make you a better photographer in just a few short weeks. My all time favorite site for everything related to iPhoneography and photography, Photojojo, has just introduced a new program designed to teach photo fundamentals for the iPhone. The course is called Phoneography 101, and promises to teach you the principles of photography through the lens of your phone, using two informative emails per week. In addition to tips and hints, emails contain a simple but fun lesson to help you use the skills that you learn each time. Each week will focus on a different topic, like composition, lighting, creative effects, editing, and more. Emails are filled with fun photos and instructions on the intricacies of photography. There are three quirky professors you can choose from: Professor Pancake, Professor PJ, and a Basket of Kittens. While the kittens were temping, I chose Professor Pancake, who has been guiding me through the basics of iPhoneography ever since. I consider myself to be an experienced iPhone photographer, but each email is still interesting and filled with useful photography tips. I especially enjoy the challenges found in each email, which are always a ton of fun. For example, my last email asked me to take a photo from the perspective of a squirrel, which isn’t something I would have thought to do. Photojojo is always offering up fresh ideas and products that you won’t find anywhere else, which is why I love the site so much. Photojojo’s Phoneography course costs $5 to enroll, but when you’re all finished with it, you get a $5 gift card to use in the Photojojo Store, so essentially, it’s free. Though it’s $5 upfront, it’s well worth the cost because it’s such a fun, innovative idea. Want to enroll? You can sign up by following this link. Make sure to let me know what you think of your lessons, and feel free to share your challenge results in the comments! You can follow me on Instagram to see mine. Want even more Snap Spot? Check out my archives. And as always, if you have a suggestion for an app or an item that you would like to see featured, make sure to get in touch.
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