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Atari 2600 Now Available As An iPhone Speaker Dock And Charger

What do you do with a gaming device first released in 1977? Make it an iPhone speaker dock, of course. Available on Etsy is an Atari 2600 that acts as a combination speaker dock and iPhone charger. The item comes with six EQ settings, FM radio, and “app-enhanced technology,” according to its creator, Peter Morris. Other features include a line-in port for use with other music players, and a handy remote control. The Atari 2600 doesn't actually work as a gaming device. However, it does interface with the free SmartLink app, which hosts a range of features including an animated weather display, customizable interfaces, and more. [caption id="attachment_391273" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Atari 2600 As iPhone Speaker Dock Atari 2600 As iPhone Speaker Dock[/caption] The customized Atari 2600 (yes, there is only one available) is priced at $230.
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