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Commentator: Apple Should Buy Cyprus And Rename The Island Nation 'iCyprus'

Anyone that has seen the news lately knows that Cyprus is in trouble. The tiny island nation is heavily in debt, so much so that its citizens may soon have to hand over 40 percent of what they have saved to the government. So what should Cyprus do? Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer has an idea. Apple should use some of their $137 billion in reserve and buy the country and call it “iCyprus.” He states:
What’s amazing here I think is how small Cyprus is and how relatively small the problem is. The bailout total that you mentioned is about a quarter of Apple’s cash on hand. I mean, this is one country that Apple could purchase, and have a lot left. It could own the island and call it, you know, iCyprus or something, and have all this cash left over… It would be a great campus for Apple.
Take a look:

Obviously, this isn’t going to happen and Krauthammer’s comments were purely for entertainment value. However, it does give you an idea just how small Cyprus’ problems really are once you compare it to the amount of cash and reserves Apple is sitting on. Via: NewsBusters
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