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Apple And Yahoo In Talks About Expanded iPhone Partnership

Yahoo and Apple are planning to team up to offer deeper integration between Yahoo’s services and the iPhone, reports The Wall Street Journal. Currently Apple’s stock finance and weather apps are powered by Yahoo, and Yahoo data, like sports scores, is also used by Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant app Siri. New arrangements could potentially include deals to offer Yahoo News, extended Yahoo Sports coverage, and other Yahoo properties on Apple’s devices, either via apps or through greater integration with Siri. Yahoo would like to provide search results for mobile Safari, but the WSJ says that this is not currently possible due to existing partnerships between Yahoo and Microsoft, and Apple and Google. The move towards an expanded partnership is the work of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who has pushed for an increased Yahoo presence on mobile devices. While it may not sound like an attractive prospect, a partnership between Apple and Yahoo could mean big improvements for Siri. No deal is on the table, as the talks are in the beginning stages. Both Apple and Yahoo have declined to comment on the situation at this time.
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