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New Apple Job Listing Suggests Fingerprint Technology Is Coming To The Next iPhone

Florida’s Space Coast is known for being the home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. It is also the location of a recently discovered Apple design center. When we say discovered, we mean that Apple has never officially announced this new location, or said what it was for. However, the folks at AppleInsider believe that they have it figured out. The “Melbourne Design Center” is where a new software engineer will work, according to a recently published Apple job listing. The person hired for the position must have experience with C/C++, and have a degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science. The successful candidate will work with software called “LabTool” that is used for “sensor integrated circuits.” There is no mention as to what type of integrated circuits the software engineer might work on. However, the report suggests that the position is somehow related to Apple’s 2012 acquisition of AuthenTec. Purchased for $356 million, the company is known for creating custom fingerprint sensor technology. This technology just so happens to be rumored to be coming on the next iPhone. For more information on the job listing, click here.  
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