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Apple Demos New Photos App On iOS

At today’s WWDC, Apple demonstrated some of the new features of iOS 7. Not only has the operating system been completely redesigned with a new look, many of the native apps have been updated with awesome new improvements. One of those apps is Photos for iOS. Although it looks significantly different, the interface is very similar to OS X’s iPhoto. Users can now organize their images into moments based on location and time. For example, you can see your photos collected into a section for pictures that were taken while you were at home, or school. The images can also be collected into multiple-day events. So, if you go on a vacation, all of the images taken while on that trip will be separated into one section. If you pinch to zoom out, you will be able to see the photos listed year-by-year. You can also tap a year and drag your finger across it to scrub through the photos and pick the one you want. After you’ve chosen a photo, you can add filters, like black and white, high contrast, and more. Then, share your images through Facebook, Twitter, and the new iCloud-sharing feature. With iCloud photo sharing, you can share your images with others and they can share with you in the same folder. You can comment on pictures and read comments that others have left. It is similar to Photo Sharing, but is in iCloud instead of through the Photos app.
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