We’re receiving our first reports on the third iOS 7 beta from developers. Here are a few of the things that we found out.


Entering and exiting apps no longer has that zooming effect of the previous two beta versions. As a result, it looks a lot like iOS 6 when moving between apps.

However, the zoom remains when clicking on a message in the Notification Center, and when entering the device from the lock screen. Zoom also remains during a search.

Bolder Text

Additionally, the text on the lock screen looks bolder. As a result, it is much easier to read. Bolder text is also apparent in the Messages app.


Finally, it appears that the search box is a little bit bigger than before. In addition, the text here is bolder.

We’ll publish more Quick Picks in the coming days for the third iOS 7 beta. So far, this looks like a modest update, as compared to the second beta.

Stay tuned.