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Apple Wants To Finally Cut The Cable Cord

Apple has tried for years to convince cable companies to join its “grand vision” for television. With that proving to be unsuccessful, Cupertino has now taken a new approach. Instead of dealing with cable providers, Apple is now seeking alliances with production studios and networks, according to Quartz. According to the report, Apple is now having active discussions with some of the biggest names in entertainment. These include Disney’s ESPN, Time Warner’s HBO, and Viacom (which owns MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central). The goal: create an actual television set that emphasizes apps over cable channels. Like with the App Store, an Apple television user would be able to download and use the apps of their choosing. Want HBO next January to watch the new season of  “Game of Thrones?” Fine, download the app and subscribe. When the series is over for the year, end your subscription. Quartz notes that Apple may need to form its own pay TV service, “essentially becoming a cable company itself, except with content delivered entirely over the internet,” for its vision to become a reality. The result “could shift the paradigm of traditional television watching.” Intel, Sony, and Google are also rumored to be pursuing “similar tactics.” The report notes that Apple has concluded that it doesn’t “need all, even most, content providers on board” to release a television. Rather, a “deal with a top-tier content provider like ESPN or HBO could represent a tipping point that would encourage Apple to bring the product to market.” Personally, I say bring us the Apple television I can't wait to cut the cord once and for all! This has been a busy week for digital media. Bloomberg noted earlier in the day that ESPN was in “preliminary talks” to make all of its channels available to stream online. On Tuesday, AllThingsD said that Google might make a play for “NFL Sunday Ticket.” Apple’s so-called “iTV” has long been rumored, even going back to Steve Jobs’ days at Apple. So far, however, the company’s only foray into the living room has come through the $99 Apple TV device. Perhaps that will be changing very soon. Would you buy an Apple television?
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