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Get These Popular App Discovery Apps For Free Before They're Gone

We love apps, and we know you do too. Just as we have AppsGoneFree to help you find awesome, free apps every day, there are a lot of app discovery apps in the iOS space. A lot of really great ones. And some of these apps won’t be around much longer, so we wanted to let all of our readers know to get them now, while you still can.

In the upcoming weeks, three popular app discovery apps will not be in the App Store anymore: AppZapp, Appsfire, and Appidemia.

It seems that, just like a lot of app discovery tools in the App Store, Appidemia and AppZapp have had trouble adhering to Apple’s new policies on discovery apps. Meanwhile, Appsfire will be gone for their own reasons.

So, just a heads up: These are great app discovery tools that won’t be available much longer, so get them now, while you still can.

AppZapp, Appsfire, and Appidemia are all free in the App Store.

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