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Is Siri Coming To Apple TV?

It looks like Siri is finding a new home. Recently discovered code indicates that Apple’s digital assistant is headed to the Apple TV, according to 9to5Mac. The code, which was first discovered by Pierre Blazquez, contains references for Assistant, Apple’s internal name for Siri, along with a list of platforms that are compatible with the feature. Prior to iOS 7.1, only the iPhone and iPad were listed as compatible products. The Apple TV is referenced as a choice in iOS 7.1 and the recently released iOS 7.1.1. As 9to5Mac correctly notes, “Although this particular finding is not evidence of new hardware, it seems likely that Apple will not bring Siri to the current generation of Apple TV, which lacks microphone input.” Cupertino is expected to unveil an updated Apple TV later this year. When they do, the device will compete with the recently launched Amazon Fire TV, which features some tools the current Apple TV lacks,  including voice control. See also: Following iOS 7.1.1, Apple TV Is Updated To Version 6.1.1The Apple TV Has Three New Channels, and  Op-Ed: What’s To Become Of The Apple TV Now That The Amazon Fire TV Is Here?
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