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Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess is a long time computer tech blogger. He's been writing for several sites over the years and has a passion for all things tech. When he's not geeking out on tech, he enjoys playing guitar and doing home recordings.
Latest from Brian

Easily Add Cool User Generated Wallpapers To Your iPhone Or iPod touch

Grallery is a free app that has a library of user generated wallpaper designs you can use to customize the look of your iPhone or iPod touch. It's easy to use, and provides several high quality wallpapers optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch display.

QuickAdvice: IM All Your Friends On Every Network With Palringo

In today's technological world we all want to stay connected with our friends, and Palringo for the iPhone and iPod touch makes it easy while on the go, no matter what IM service you or your friends use.