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Max Kennedy

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New Applist: Apps For The Great Outdoors

Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature. If you're planning to go camping, hiking, or hunting, this AppList will help you load your iDevice with some very helpful, informative or just plain fun apps so you can get your adventure on!

New Applist: Bible Study Apps

Need some powerful Bible Study tools? This AppList should provide you with some of the best Bible Study Apps.

Best Fantasy Football Apps

Need some help dominating your draft? How about some FF managers to keep you winning all season long? This Fantasy Football App Guide shares some of the best fantasy football apps in the App Store.

New Applist: Apps To Help You Sleep!

Had a hard day? Need to relax? How about trying some of these great apps to help you calm down and get a good night's sleep?

New Applist: Apps For Public Speakers

So you have to give a speech or a presentation and you're not sure you have all the right tools? Get rid of the 3x5 cards or paper outlines and pull out your iPad or iPhone and use these apps to help make your speech inspirational, educational, and most importantly, memorable!

New AppGuide: Golf GPS Apps

The App Store is full of dozens of Golf GPS Apps and most of them aren't cheap! So, how do you know which one is worth the money? This AppGuide should help answer that question and offer you some apps that not only can tell you how far you are away from the green, but can actually improve your game!

Hottrix Makes For A Magician's Secret Assistant

Let's face it. There's a certain part of us that likes to impress people with what our iPhones can do. We like it when people see us use an app and they say, "Woah! That's cool!" Well, if you're into magic, now there's actually an App Store for that!

Appracadabra! Best Magic Tricks

Apprakadabra! Want to load your iPhone with some magic tricks that will leave your friends scratching their heads? This AppList has just the right combination of amazing, techno-savvy magic trick apps to amaze anyone!

New Applist: Apps For Food On The Go!

Need a quick way to order some food on the go? This AppList should help you find and order just the right food for your mood!

New AppGuide: GoogleDocs Managers

GoogleDocs is a great way to store and share your files online. But, how do you access them on your iDevice? Or better yet, how can you "integrate" them into your mobile life? This AppGuide will help you discover the best GoogleDocs Management Apps to suit your mobile needs.

New AppGuide: Road Trip Games!

Headed out on that long summer road trip or vacation? Don't leave home without loading up your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with these road trip games to keep your kids busy for the duration of your trip!

New AppList: Apps For Dads

Looking for some great Apps to give your Dad on Father's Day? Just sneak off with his iPhone or iPad and choose some from this list. Make sure you log into your App Store account first so Dad doesn't get the bill!

5 Soundboard Apps To Annoy Anyone

Looking for some "ear-grating" sounds to tick someone off? These five Soundboard apps are sure to do the trick!

11 iPad Apps To Dump Your Laptop

Got an iPad? Have you thought about using it to replace your laptop? Here's 11 Apps for that!

New AppGuide: Barbecue Utility Apps

If you're planning a barbecue this summer, here's an AppGuide to show you all the available BBQ Utilities to get it just right!