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Robert Horner

Latest from Robert

Review: The Sims 3 World Adventures

The Sims are back on the iPhone this time going on a world adventure. Will you find as much simulated fun as you expect in this newest installment from EA? Read on to find out!

Review: Pzizz Relax

Pzizz relax is a sleep app, more specifically a nap app. You will be guided by a gentle voice and calm music through a nap, then hear an adjustable timer to wake you when your time is up. It has a very simple user interface and a time-tested soundtrack behind it, but will the high price give you nightmares? Read on to find out!

Review: Space Station: Frontier

Space Station: Frontier is a tower defense game set in space where minerals will keep your base well supplied against the onslaught of different incoming hostile spaceships. Will the space genera tower defense strategy idea keep you playing? Read on to find out!

Review: Eveningstar

Eveningstar is a vertical scrolling shooter with a revolutionary use of touch controls. This game has it all from beautiful graphics to its own epic music score. With unique monsters and bosses at the end of each level, is Eveningstar worth adding to your collection? Read on to find out!

Review: Fox Vs Duck

Fox Vs Duck is a brand new game from the developer of MiniSquadron. It's a crisply designed and smooth flowing game that has a calming overall feeling. Tilt your iDevice to evade the ever hunting Fox and Koi fish. With an already crowded market for this genre, will this app be worth your $0.99? Read on to find out.


Transformers G1: Awakening has an overall feeling of a puzzle. Will the hours of gameplay keep you entertained? Or will it just transform you into boredom? Read on to find out!

Review: Zombie Cannon Carnage

Zombie Cannon Carnage employs ragdoll mechanics as your zombie flies through the city sky destroying the environment as you bounce through. This short game features beautiful graphics and a hilarious sense of humor. Will the low replayability make this game a no-go? Read our review to find out!


All-In-1 Gamebox features 25 games for $0.99! Most of these games miss the mark, but how many are worth playing? Read on to find out our favorites.

Review: pzizz sleep

Pzizz Sleep is designed to help you sleep. It uses soothing music and an encouraging voice to gently ease you in to your slumber. Does the lofty price, lack of adjustability, and slight room for improvement make this app a no go? Or will it have you falling asleep better than ever? If you have a little extra cash, or real problems sleeping, this is an app you won't want to miss. Read on to find out why.