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Shannon Fain

Transportation Engineer and City/Regional Planner by day... and also by night unfortunately most of the time... busy busy. But, when I can find time there's nothing I like more than writing me some reviews... and football, and drinking, and art, and reading...
Latest from Shannon

New AppGuide: Blood Alcohol Content Gauging Apps

A toast: "Here's to the apps that never fail, to measure your BAC and perhaps keep you out of jail. Some do it with zest, some do it better than the rest, some don't do much at all and therefore get ranked low in our AppGuide!"

Best Mini Golf Games For The iPad

In this App Guide, we examine the apps currently available for the iPad to see which, if any, best captures the phenomenon that is MINI GOLF.

Best Joke Apps For The iPad

Need a little pick me up with the brutal winter weather? Something to tell everyone around the water cooler and/or organic fruit juice dispenser tomorrow at the office? These apps are your best bets for a good, quick laugh.