Too busy? Now you can make lists of your lists with Task!

Task provides you with a simple way to remember everything you need to do through its intuitive interface. I know you’ve seen other “to do” apps but not one like Task, which let’s you do more than just check things off. You can make lists, keep track of lists, edit lists and even export lists to FreeMind, a free desktop productivity companion application. Use Task to create a To Do list or shopping list, take notes or even as a mind mapping tool.

Task also features a way to change practically the entire layout with different icons and colors so you can customize to your liking. If you need to glance at your lists quickly or on the go, you can email yourself lists that you have made, within the app itself. You can also access your lists easily directly from the main screen, which provides a preview of the details and sublists of each entry.

Task is available on the App Store now for $3.99 accompanied by a free lite version if you want to try it out first.