Things for iPad is approved for sale beginning April 3rd so you can keep all your task management on your iPad. The beautiful streamlined interface is just as you would expect from Cultured Code just made for the iPad size.

All your tasks can now be assigned a specific category, and a time to be completed by all from the comfort of your iPad. This isn’t just a watered down desktop version, but rather is trying to replicate the amazing functionality of the mac version. Speaking of the mac version things on the iPad can wirelessly sync with Things on your mac. If you’re unfamiliar with the application you can see the screencast showing you how the mac version works.

Things for iPad will be $19.99 though it looks to be very close to the mac version which retails for $49.99, and more feature rich than the $9.99 iPhone version. Is $19.99 a price you’re willing to pay to properly manage tasks on an iPad?