Super Turbo Action Pig from Joystick Generals usually retails at $0.99 but it is now free for today only in collaboration with

Super Turbo Action Pig is a simple pick up and play game. The app is well put together, easy to use and visually pleasing. This casual game brings a smile to your face with it’s cartoon style humor and animations. It’s also really addictive and packed full of fun. This game has been a hit with fans all over the world but it has been criticized by some users for not having much depth to the gameplay. I agree that this game can become stale after a while and the repetitive nature of the game can be frustrating but I must admit that it was great fun to play while it lasted.

If the $0.99 price tag didn’t appeal to you before then it might be worth a second look now that its free for a day. If you love pigs and love free stuff then why not grab yourself a good quality casual game at a bargain price.

Super Turbo Action Pig is in the app store – Free today only