Apple has posted an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page regarding the unlocked iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models that are available to preorder in the Apple Store now. As you might expect, the page answers pretty much all the questions you might have to ask regarding SIM-free iPhones.

So what does the page say? Well, the models really are unlocked – if you’ve got the cash, then there’s no longer a need to jailbreak in order to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier.

The list of networks that can handle the iPhone are extensive, with only T-Mobile’s 3G band being unsupported by the phone (sorry guys, we know it sucks).

If you do decide to go for a SIM-free iPhone you can still tether up to your laptop – but don’t forget, even if you’re not bothered about tethering, you’ll still need a service plan that provides a large amount (if not an unlimited amount) of data: paying per megabyte is expensive.

So check out the FAQs now and see what you think – if you’ve got the cash lying around and want to avoid taking out an 18 or 24 month iPhone contract, this might just be your escape rope.

Update: Unlocked iPhone 4 handsets will only be available in Canada.

[via TIPB and Apple]