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Apple Posts WWDC Session Videos In Full For Developers

June 18, 2010

Apple has sent an email to all developers who attended this year's WWDC, informing them that session videos are now available to download in full. This is quite a surprise. Last year, Apple took months to upload WWDC 2009's session videos - this year, they've hit the net within two weeks. Anybody who attended WWDC can download the videos for free. At the moment, non-attendees can't access the material. However last year developers who didn't attend WWDC were granted access to the session videos for a fee of $500, so it's a watch-this-space type scenario for those guys. Apple has also noted on their developer site that the content of these videos is strictly confidential. So don't go spreading it around, okay guys? We don't want to know about iPhone 4's 512MB of RAM...

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