Among the developers releasing more and more content for the iPhone is the U.S. Government. In fact, they just released two new iOS apps and two new web apps that might interest you.

One of the web apps is at Visiting that website from your iDevice will redirect you to a mobile version of the site that allows for easily checking consumer product safety and recall information. At the time of this writing, however, the mobile version of the site does not appear to be working.

Next up is a universal app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch called “My TSA.” With this app you can easily see what is and is not allowed through airline security as well as check on wait times at various airport security checkpoints. This is especially helpful at the larger airports where you can plan ahead for which checkpoint you want to go through.

The other new app worth mentioning is the FBI’s “Most Wanted” app. With this app you can look at the terrorist wanted list, information on missing children and the infamous “FBI’s Most Wanted List.” You can also look up wanted lists by state, or by using your GPS to search for people on wanted lists in your area.

Finally, the U.S. Embassy has developed a mobile website formatted for the iPhone at This is great to have handy when traveling overseas as it provides an easy way to find your nearest embassy as well as check out what services are available through the embassy.

While the mix of web apps and iOS apps is confusing, we are excited to see the Federal Government taking the mobile device market seriously.