While Apple did provide several different types of free cases for iPhone 4 owners, they were all missing one thing: Bacon.

If you were disappointed by the lack of bacon or other food-based cases for the iPhone 4, you can now rest easy. Thanks to a company in Japan, a country on the forefront of fake-food products, you will soon be able to make your iPhone look like food.

Website Inventorspot.com has an article on a new product from faux-food pioneers, Strapya. They are creating 4 different cases that cover the front of the iPhone with your choice of imitation dietary delights. Choices include bacon & eggs, yakisoba (fried noodles), fried chicken and bento box rice.

All four are available for pre-order now from Strapya.com for the price of 3,990 Yen each (about $45.00) and will begin shipping in August. Time to eat up!