While it would be tough to find an iPhone user who doesn’t love it, you may be surprised to know it’s actually the coolest thing on the planet.

According to a recent poll reported on Mirror.co.uk, the Apple iPhone took the #1 spot on a list of the coolest things on the planet. Two functions of the iPhone, the Internet and the iPod, came in at 3rd and 4th, respectively. Further solidifying the position, Apple itself came in at #2.

Two Things You Can’t Have

The only thing in the top 5 not involving the iPhone is the Aston Martin DB9 super-car. Following the Aston Martin was another international brand, Cadbury chocolate. While Facebook is the #1 site on the Internet, it only made #10 on the list, losing out to eBay at #8.

The poll of the coolest things on the planet was done by Costa Coffee as part of a promotion for their new summer line of Ice Cold Costa drinks. You can learn more about UK’s Costa Coffee at Costa.co.uk.