If you have kids, you’re familiar with Fisher-Price. Now, one of the largest makers of toys is bringing children’s entertainment to the iPhone with BIGFOOT the Monster for iPhone.

Fisher-Price has a new remote-controlled toy based on the legendary Bigfoot. To help promote their new toy, they have created an iPhone app based on the BIGFOOT toy. While Bigfoot has been pursued and feared by adventure hunters and rednecks for years, this is not your crazy uncle’s monster. Fisher-Price’s take on the elusive “missing link” is a happy, fun and playful monster that loves to play with your child. Check out some of the great features of the free app:

  • Play: Shake, touch and tilt to interact and make Bigfoot do somersaults, headstands and more!
  • Maze: Help Bigfoot find his ball. It’s a-MAZE-ing fun!
  • Watch: Meet the Mighty Monster in the very first Bigfoot adventure!
  • Bigfoot Sightings: Where in the World is Bigfoot? Search the globe for the legendary Bigfoot.

Perfect for your young child or mature toddler, this app’s multiple modes of gameplay should keep them entertained for hours. Best of all it’s free and not ad-supported.

BIGFOOT the Monster by Fisher-Price is available now, for free, in the App Store.