The iPad is an ideal device for viewing photos, and doing basic editing. Now you can pair your iPad with your digital camera to create a low-cost digital portrait studio.

Digital cameras gained the ability to transfer their digital photos wirelessly thanks to a brand of SD memory cards called Eye-Fi. These SD cards have a built-in Wi-Fi radio that allows them to transmit the images on the card to a PC. Now with ShutterSnitch, you can send those photos to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Much like digital photo studios are able to instantly view their photos on a nearby PC, ShutterSnitch will let you view your photos on your iPad without any major interruption to your photo-taking. ShutterSnitch lets you view the photos, organize them and look at EXIF data such as shutter speed and exposure. If you use specific exposure, ISO and shutter-speed settings, you can set up the app to warn you if your photos differ from your preferences.

While it would be great to be able to use this everywhere you go, Gizmodo reports that there is a limitation. The iPad can only connect to an existing Wi-Fi network so if you are taking photos in Yosemite, your iPad and Eye-Fi would have no way to communicate. The only workaround would be to bring a MiFi or other wireless router with you.

If you have an Eye-Fi card, or you are thinking about buying one, then ShutterSnitch is worth checking out. Even without an Eye-Fi card, you can transfer and view photos on your iPad or iPhone without syncing by using ShutterSnitch’s built-in file server with your Mac or PC’s web browser or FTP client.

Shuttersnitch is available now for $7.99 in the App Store.