Most of you will be familiar with the Scene It? and Buzz! games. They combine a quiz-style video game with a buzzable controller, and have rapidly become party favorites over the past few years.

Well, thanks to the FCC (who released the information early), the world now knows that a similar concept is soon to hit the iDevice world, with PartyDock for iPhone and iPad!

The concept is simple enough: PartyDock hooks up to your TV, and comes complete with four controllers (and three demo games). Users can interact with PartyDock through their iPad or iPhone simply by docking it. From here, any PartyDock-compatible games downloaded from the App Store will be playable on your TV!

And, what’s more – PartyDock also allows users to watch movies and YouTube videos on their TV, along with pictures. It even charges an iDevice.

Currently, no price has yet been announced. But, users can keep up to date with PartyDock’s progress by signing up on the product’s official site. Additionally, developers can also request information on developing for PartyDock (ka-ching!).

It’ll be interesting to see how Apple’s rumored “iTV” compares with PartyDock, and whether it’ll be possible to engage in interactive games on the upgraded Apple TV. If so, you can imagine Griffin’s new product getting the cold shoulder when it’s eventually released into the Apple-governed App Store. Guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out.